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Who We Are

Lucy Bradlow – Managing Director

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Lucy has been the Managing Director of The One By One Foundation since she and Carley Andrews founded the Ujamaa Children’s Home in 2009. Lucy co-ordinates all the day to day management of the Foundation, including the fundraising, legal work, marketing, public relations and accounts. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. where she works in political communications. She has a Masters in African Studies from Oxford University and is a qualified lawyer. Lucy loves Tanzania, and is committed to the success and happiness of all the children of the Ujamaa Children’s Home.

Phoebe Rolleston – Director


Having just had her second child, Phoebe has her hands full but in her spare time is painting and selling her artwork. Phoebe believes that every child needs to be loved and looked after and became involved in One by One to make this a reality for children who otherwise wouldn’t have a fortunate start in life. Phoebe was inspired by Lucy’s stories from Africa and her plans to make a difference and is thrilled to be part of a charity which gives directly to the children.

Bronwen Bock – Director

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Bronwen is an investment banker working in the Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment and Technology group of Macquarie Group’s Investment Banking division. Prior to starting with Macquarie she completed Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University of Melbourne, and more recently completed a Master of Finance degree with INSEAD. With her keen interest in finance, Bronwen is delighted to be the Finance Director of the One by One Foundation. She became involved with the One by One Foundation because she believes it can make a big difference in the lives of a few children who need our help.

Emily Smith – Director


Emily is a Management Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Melbourne. She holds a Bachleor of Arts/Commerce and joined One by One in February 2010.  As a young Australian woman Emily wanted to make a contribution towards the improvement of women’s living standards in less privileged societies. She is excited to be a part of this growing cause.

Bridget Kibby – Director

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Bridget holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Music Performance and pursues her career as a trained Opera Singer in her spare time. Bridget joined One by One with the aim assisting the Foundation to raise enough money to support and educate a number of young Tanznaian girls. She hopes that the Foundation’s efforts will allow the girls to enter womanhood with the skills and desire to live meaningful, positive and valuable lives in their community.

Joanna Hill – Director

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Joanna is lawyer in the Workplace Relations and Safety group at Lander & Rogers. Joanna assists Lucy in taking care of legal issues concerning the One By One Foundation and assists the foundation in its various fundraising activities. She became involved after observing the poverty and lack of opportunity for children when she visited East Africa in 2008. For her, it was important to be part of a charity where all donations are given directly to the project and it was possible to see the difference that such a small amount of money could make to the lives of these children.

Kathy Velos – Director


Kathy Velos is a law student at Monash University in her final year of study. She believes that every child deserves to be raised in a safe and loving environment. She joined the One by One Foundation in early 2011 because the Ujamaa Children’s Home provides disadvantaged children the chance to be educated and cared for by a surrogate family who are dedicated to the children’s best interests.

Olivia Barnes - Committee Member

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Olivia lives in Melbourne and works as a Lawyer at WorkSafe Victoria.  After hearing about the children that benefit from the philosophy behind the One By One Foundation, Olivia was inspired to help Lucy and the girls achieve the foundation’s goals and make a real difference in the lives of some pretty special kids.

Avignon Paphitis - Committee Member


Avigon Paphitis joined One by One after attending one of their fundraising events in 2009. Coming from a position of privilege she felt she was not doing enough for others. One by One appealed to Avigon as an honest initiative with an ethos she respected. Avigon has a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne with a thesis in material culture. She looks forward to the present and future of the organisation.

Dale Pope, Dale Pope Events – Event co-ordinator

Dale   Dale pope events

Dale has a background in Event Management and as member of The One By One Foundation Committees she has combined her love of events and charity. Dale is excited to utilise her events experience to create events for The One By One Foundation that will increase awareness and support for the Foundation and the children of Tanzania, while giving supporters an enjoyable experience. As a mother of 3 children the philosophy of The One By One Foundation, to provide each child with love and a home for life, particularly resonates with her as she feels the greatest need of a child is to feel loved.

Marissa Varughese – Graphic designer


Running her own design business and teaching design, Marissa is a hugely experienced graphic designer who is donating her time and expertise to the One By One Foundation.

Simone Murray – Accountant


Simone lives in Melbourne and is a Partner in a city Accounting and Financial Planning firm, Arthur Roe & Associates. In 2010 she spent some time volunteering in Tanzania through the Ujamaa hostel where she was lucky enough to meet Lucy Bradlow and Carley Andrews and was introduced to the work they have done in setting up the One By One Foundation to support a number of under privileged African children, in particular the support and establishment of The Ujamaa Childrens home. Simone met five of The Ujamaa Childrens Home kids and was blown away by how grateful, beautifully mannered and flourishing each of these children are, given each have had a particularly disadvantaged beginning. Simone witnessed how this charity has truly changed the lives of these children and is delighted to help in any small way that she can by now preparing annual financial statements for the foundation and is continuing to pursue options for tax deductible charitable status in order to make raising funds easier.

Carley Andrews – Director of the Ujamaa Children’s Home


Carley Andrews has always wanted to help others, so in early 2006 she went to Kenya as a volunteer where she worked in an orphanage for 2 months. While feeling confronted by the difficulties there, she fell in love with East Africa and vowed to go back. She returned in October 2007 this time coming to Tanzania and she never left!

Carley and her Tanzanian friend Gasper Shirima opened Ujamaa Hostel ( in June 2008, which provides accommodation and volunteer experiences with a range of local charity organisations in Arusha. Through this she has had the opportunity to see and work with many local charity organisations including orphanages, nursery schools, vocational training centres and HIV/AIDS centres and has played an integral role in running a number of these organizations.

Her years of experience have enabled her to understand the culture and traditions in Tanzania as well as appreciate the needs of the community. Her desire is to help and support children because they have the capacity to create change and build a better future. She believes that all children deserve not only the basic needs such as food, clothing and education but that they have the right to grow up feeling the love and support of a family and thus The Ujamaa Children’s Home came to fruition in late 2009.


If you would like to volunteer with the One By One Foundation, in Australia, please contact – the more the merrier!

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