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About The Ujamaa Children’s Home

Our primary project is, and will continue to be, the Ujamaa Children’s Home. The Ujamaa Children’s Home aims to provide the best possible level of care to all its children. That does not mean Ujamaa Children will not grow, but it means that growth will depend on each child already in the home having their needs catered for. The growth for the home will then be based on the following factors:

The Children:

The Ujamaa Children’s Home seeks to provide children in need with a home and a family, not just care. Each child receives a full private education in the best possible schools; ensure each child has a full and healthy diet and optimal health care, which may include psychological health care if needed; and to provide opportunities for the children to be children- more outings, birthday parties and rewards. We also intend to be able to support the children well into adulthood, so if they chose tertiary education or vocational training they will have a support system until they are able to support themselves.

The Home:

We recently completed the construction of a permanent home for the Ujamaa Children! The house has different areas for different age groups, in recognition of the fact that children’s needs change as they grow. There is also space for staff, play areas, learning areas, lounge areas and the sense of a home. For environmental and health reasons, we have a garden in which we can grow our own produce, solar panels to cut down electrical costs and the creation of other programs to enable to home to become more of a self-sustaining project.

The Staff:

Ujamaa Children’s Home has wonderful staff and as our resources grow we would like to be able to provide greater recognition to the staff for their hard work and generosity. This would not only mean more staff with better wages, but also opportunities for the staff to have education and further training, and to be able to provide greater support to their families.

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