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About the One By One Foundation

From little things, big things grow…

The One By One Foundation believes that the best way to help many, is to help a few. After living in Arusha, Tanzania in 2009 Lucy Bradlow, recognised that the bigger a charity got, the less effective it became. After returning to Australia, Lucy got together with a few like-minded friends in Melbourne to set up a fundraising organisation for the Ujamaa Children’s Home that would ensure that all the money raised goes straight to the Home.

The One by One Foundation is run on an entirely voluntary basis. All fundraising is conducted by a group of dedicated volunteers in Melbourne and all supporters of One by One can be assured that all money raised goes directly and only to the Ujamaa Children’s Home.

The One by One’s main beneficiary is the Ujamaa Children’s Home, an orphanage for 10 Tanzanian children founded by Lucy and Carley Andrews, another Australian living in Tanzania. The home differentiates itself for the level of care and support it provides to the children, aiming not only for survival but for the best possible future for the children.

One by One is grateful for any support, whether it be financial or otherwise, and thanks all its supporters for helping it develop. For more information on One by One, please browse our website or email

Aims of the One by One Foundation

  • The primary aim of the One by One Foundation is to be able to grow in a sustainable way
  • We therefore aim to grow slowly and carefully, ensuring that we can support our current projects to capacity before taking on new projects
  • We will ensure that our work is voluntary, and that all money donated will go to the Ujamaa Children’s Home



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